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Bamix – The magic wand

Swiss Made since 1954.

Bamix is ​​the original Swiss-produced blender, also called the magic wand. The qualities of Bamix are appreciated by both professional chefs and home kitchens around the world and it has outstanding features and durability. If you buy your Bamix from Spinchy, you are always guaranteed a 5-year warranty if the cleaning and maintenance manual is followed.

NOTE: All of our Bamix comes with spiral cable.


Each engine is calibrated prior to mounting, ensuring ultimate performance, durability and comfort. Due to the calibration, the production runs smoothly without any shaking or noise – despite the remarkable 18,000 rpm.


Each and every motor is individually calibrated for ultimate durability and performance

Bimix Motors being individually calibrated



The motor calibration ensures efficient utilization of the watts supplied, which means that you will generally find that Bamix works at lower watts than other similar products. The high efficiency means less noise, long life and durability due to less heating when used. In addition, the low energy consumption is good for the environment and your electricity bill.

The UFO-like cutterguard, in collaboration with the 3 standard tools and high revs, creates a vortex that sucks all ingredients into the blade. This means that you will have to spend less effort to process the ingredients, which will remain in the container at the same time as the mixer does not spray.

How many watts?

The number of watts is solely a matter of how quickly and comfortably you want to reach the desired result. In principle, any Bamix can achieve identical results. Choose the number of watts to suit your needs – however, a minimum of 160 watts is recommended if you want to use SliceSy.



Ingredients that can ve used with the Bamix SliceSy


The value of your Bamix can be greatly increased by using the various accessories. Below you will find an explanation of the most common accessories.


Also known as Bamix’s best friend. SliceSy is a multifunctional processor capable of tearing, slicing and processing ingredients. The lid contains a gear which ensures the required power and speed. When done, the bottom can easily be lifted, ensuring that everything comes up with the bowl. When using SliceSy, always run at maximum speed and only clean the lid using a damp cloth wipe. Cannot withstand running water or dishwasher.


With the processor you can process smaller quantities of both liquid and dry foods. The power of your Bamix is ​​directly transferred to the two sharp blades to ensure maximum efficiency and performance. You have the option of using the powder disk with the processor. This way you can reduce the space in the container if you need to process smaller portions, e.g. spices. All parts can go in the dishwasher.

Dry grinder

The dry grinder has much in common with the processor, however, as the name suggests, it can only be used for dry foods. In addition, it is not possible to restrict the space using a powder disk. The dry grinder is characterized by being completely transparent.

Meat and vegetable knife

The meat and vegetable knife is a sharp knife that works by mounting directly on your Bamix and is ideal if you work with meat or fiber containing foods such as leeks.


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