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Bamix – The Magic Wand

Bamix is Swiss Made since 1954.

Bamix of Switzerland is the original swiss made immersion blender also called The Magic Wand from 1954. Its capabilities are appreciated by both professionals and home chefs around the globe and has remarkable abilities and durability. Bamix purchased at Spinchy always come with 5 years warranty if the cleaning and maintenance guide is followed.


Each and every motor is individually calibrated before assembling to ensure ultimate performance, durability and comfort. Due to the calibration a Bamix runs very smooth with no shaking and very little noise, despite running at astonishing 18.000 rpm.

Each and every motor is individually calibrated for ultimate durability and performance

Motors being individually calibrated


The motor calibration also enable efficient utilization of watt hence why Bamix in general are lower than similar products. Both ensuring durability due to less heat up and being environmentally friendly due to low power consumption.

The round shaped cutter guard together with the 3 different blades and high rpm, creates a swirl so all ingredients are sucked into the blade. This makes processing food effortless, efficient and ensure that all ingredients stays within the container.

How many watt?

Every Bamix can achieve identical results and the amount of watt is only a matter of how fast and comfortable you want to get to your desired point. Choose the amount of watt that suit your cooking habits, however at least 160W are recommended if you intend to use SliceSy.

Healthy sweets are easily made with SliceSy

The ingredients used for one of the healthy sweets recipes.


The value of your Bamix is multiplied several times by also using the various accessories. Below you can find an explanation of the most commonly used accessories.


Also know as Bamix’ best friend. SliceSy is a multifunctional processor able to grate, slice and process food. The lid has a gearing ensuring sufficient torque and speed. Once you are finished the bottom can be pulled up, easily collecting the processed ingredients. When using SliceSy always run on maximum speed and only clean the lid by whipping it off without splashing water on and into it. Never put it in the dishwasher.


With the processor you can process smaller amounts of either wet or dry ingredients. The power from your Bamix is directly transferred into the two sharp blades for efficiency. You have the option to use the powder disc in conjunction with the processor for when cutting smaller portions e.g. spices where a compressed room is critical for the end result. All part are dishwasher safe.

Dry grinder

The dry grinder has a lot in common with the processor, although it can only handle dry ingredients. Furthermore it hasn’t got the ability to compress the room with a powderdisc. The dry grinder is characterised by being fully transparent.

Meat and vegtable knife

This is a sharp knife made for attaching directly to your Bamix and is great for processong meat or food containing fibres such as leek.


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