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Filtered water – for you and the planet

BWT stands for Best Water Technology and was founded as a group in 1990, but already was already producing mineral dosing devices in 1957. In other words, BWT has over 60 years of research and technology to support them in the laboratory. BWT’s mission is to supply clean water to as many people as possible. Through innovative technology and decades of research and development, BWT’s goal is to ensure the best possible water quality. The company supplies their cutting-edge products to private homes, businesses and industry, the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, hotels, hospitals and government buildings. With its systems, BWT provides the highest level of safety, hygiene and health in daily contact with water. The products are also produced under environmentally safe and economical conditions.

Through innovation, technology and revolutionary inventions, BWT has become the largest company in its field worldwide, constantly setting new standards for efficiency and environmental safety. In 1994, BWT introduced SEPTRON, the world’s first helical electrode ionization module (EDI). EDI technology made it possible to produce ultra-pure drinking water from waterworks water quickly and safely. Clean water with low conductivity and microbiological purity is used primarily in the pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture of medicines and IV solutions as well as in the biotech sector. After several other innovations, in 2013 they developed the now world-renowned E1 particle filter. The same filter is found in BWT’s filter pot, where the water is also enriched with magnesium.

Brew superior espresso with BWT Filter Jug

The iconic Magnesium Mineralizer filter jug ​​from BWT has several features. First and foremost, it purifies your drinking water from lime as well as substances such as lead, chlorine and copper. The replaceable filter also adds extra magnesium to the water. Not only does the filter pot convert water from the tap to super-water, it also protects your electric kettle, espresso machine, filter pot, etc. against lime, and helps extend the life of all your household appliances. The purified water also has a great effect on how your coffee will taste. Any by-products in the water that could potentially interfere with the taste of your espresso disappear through the use of BWT’s filter pot. The filter not only fits your body, but also the coffee and the environment.

BWT’s filter pot can hold 2.7 liters of water and the double filter can clean up to 120 liters of water before replacing (100 fillings). The lid is equipped with a filling hole, and a digital display that shows the number of fillings. The display can be reset after a filter change. The jug can also go in the dishwasher (without a lid).


The lid of a BWT filter jug


BWT filter jug

Reduce calcium and reach crema with BWT’s filter cartridge – fixed water connections

BWT’s filter systems are fixed water connections, perfect for reducing calcium and getting rid of unwanted off- flavours. The Bestmax Premium Filter Cartridge uses the patented Mg2+ technology to mineralise the water. The filter adds magnesium to the water bringing out the flavour in your coffee, espresso, tea and cocoa. Your machine is protected against limescale while enhancing the coffee’s aroma and as a result the crema at the same time.

A filter system consists of a disposable filter and a filter head. The filter head has a check-valve integrated as required by law. where it is possible to install a bypass. The chosen bypass adjustment depends on the hardness of the access water and the desired water quality. The filters do not require a lot of space and can be replaced without any use of tools.

Photo of a Bestmax Premium filter in size small

Bestmax Premium filter cartridge with head

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