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Motta Barista equipment

The products of 50 years of passion

Since 1967, Motta has specialized in professional and household items made of stainless steel.
Products based on extensive knowledge and experience combined with genuine craftsmanship and advanced technology. The result is a spectrum of not only household items ranging from solid and beautiful home appliances, but also equipment with the required specifications for the catering and barista industry. All products are made in Italy of the best materials, including stainless steel and bobinga wood.

The concept behind Motta is both the design and practical use of the products. The key concepts are ease of use and beauty. Whether you are a home barista or a professional, Motta’s barista equipment will make it easier and more fun to produce great coffee.


Motta tamper in polished wood

All you need is Motta

Motta is a strong supplier of everything you may need when making specialty coffee. At spinchy we sell Motta’s milk pitchers, which are made of 18/10 stainless steel. The pitcher’s wall is twice as thick as other milk pitchers, which allows you to froth the milk for a longer period of time and therefore achieve a higher level of foam. The tapered jug has a small bend which indicates how much milk to use. The soft rounding on the spout makes it easy to make latte art. Spinchy also retails stainless steel Motta tampers with wooden handles, the Motta knock-box, Motta tamper mat and tamper station so you can streamline your brewing space. The Motta tamper station makes it easier to keep both portafilter and tamper at ease while packing the coffee and keeping your barista station clean. The coffee filter holder is protected with rubber, so you avoid the noisy noises. The tamper can also be placed in a small recess on the plate itself when you are not using it.


Motta milk pitcher 0.35 L.

With Motta barista equipment you get 50 years of expertise and excellence in barista gear. All products are made of the best materials and are designed to last.

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