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Mazzer – Italian craftsmanship

The classic brand Mazzer has its roots in Venice, Italy, where grinders and accessories have been produced since the post-war period. The brand was founded by Luigi Mazzer in the interwar period, and specialized in the 1940s to produce coffee grinders. Mazzer has the Italian trade team and know-how that have made the brand well known in 90 countries worldwide. The ambition behind the brand is to produce reliable and durable grinders that pay for themselves through the high quality and long life of the products. The brand continues to innovate and further develop their products, which will follow over time.

Every single grinder is made by hand, making the products potentially unique.


Mazzer Mini electronic grinder


The specifications of Mazzer

At Spinchy you can choose between Mazzer Mini Electronic B in 3 different finishes and Mazzer Major Electronic in black. The mini version is designed so you can grind coffee directly into the bayonet. It is operated with a soft touch button under the hopper and the grinder is started with pressure with the bayonet. In addition, the grinder blades are spring-mounted, which provides a very fluid and stepless adjustment of the machine. Mini Electronic comes in a new facelifted digital version with infinite adjustment / adjustment from 3-20g. The mini version also has a digital timer and display, large flat grinder blades of a total of 64 mm and a bean container at 600 grams capacity. The grinder weighs 9 kg. and stands firmly on the table when it grinds. It has a motor output of 250W.

The Major Electronic grinder has the same specifications as the mini – it is operated by button and bayonet. The Major is top operated with a single or double cup button as well as manual. The grinder has large flat grinder blades of Ø 83 mm. and a 1.8 kg bean container. The major grinder weighs a full 20 kg, and does not move out of place when working with it. It has a motor output of 650W.

If you’re looking for classic, solid Italian craftsmanship, Mazzer is a safe choice.

You can shop Mazzer here.

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