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Acaia Pearl – Heat Resistant Pad (Charcoal Black)

250 DKK


Protect your Pearl’s readout from temperature effects. This heat resistant pad is designed with a unique silicone striped structure that slows heat transfer. Heat resistance is up to 200 degrees.
Temperature affects the readout of any digital scale, therefore it’s not recommended to have prolonged content of a hot carafe with a precision scale without any protection. Continual use of a scale in direct contact to a hot carafe will create permanent damage to your scale. (This is considered user error and is not covered under our manufacturers’ warranty).
Therefore we recommend you protect your scale.

  • Flexible, slip-resistant silicone
  • Unique shape and texture designed for portafilter rest
  • Protects your Acaia Pearl coffee scale from scratches and heat
  • Available in Smokey Grey and Charcoal Black
  • Heat resistant up to 200 degrees
  • If flipped over, can be used as a portafilter rest

*Reminder: Each Acaia Pearl™ already includes one Aerial™ heat resistant pad inside the package.  (Pearl White with charcoal black / Pearl Black with grey)

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Dimensions (LxHxW)

16.9 cm x 5.4 cm x 16.9cm

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