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Acaia Pyxis – Black

2.500 DKK

Available on backorder


The Acaia Pyxis is an ultralight Weighing Scale. Very small in size but with all the same functions as the Lunar. It is light, precise and fast and easy to travel with. It comes with a small carrying case perfect for travelling. The Pyxis can weigh right down to 0.01 of a gram and up to 500 grams.

High sensitivity
The Pyxis can respond to a weight as light as a feather, starting from 0.01 grams and measure up to 500 grams. It is the highest-resolution weighing scale in Acaia’s catalog.

App Supported
The scale is bluetooth-enabled to sync with the Acaia apps.
The scale receives periodic firmware updates, which are available through the Acaia Updater app.

Size and weight
6.5 cm x 6.5 cm. One of the smallest among high-resolution scales in the world.
The Pyxis weighs 70 grams, making it ultra-portable for traveling.

The Pyxis comes with three built-in weighing modes: weighing mode, dual display mode, and shot clock mode.

The Pyxis is water resistant.

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