Bamix Gastro 350

348 EUR


Also known as the magic wand!
Everyone who uses a Bamix know that it eliminates virtually all other motor driven machines in the kitchen. Bamix is versatile and can both chop, cut, blend, crush and whip to name just a few of the things a it can do. Bamix is quiet yet power full, easy to use and to clean. With its sleek design Bamix looks stunning on the kitchen table. Bamix is 100% Swiss Made and used professionally all over the world.

Gastro 350 has 29 cm. long transmission and is approx. 10 cm. longer than the Bamix Gastro 200 version. For professional use – Unsuitable for private households.

This Bamix Gastro 350 includes:

  • A Bamix Gastro 350W light grey
  • 5 years extraordinary warranty (not professionel use)
  • 3 standard tools: multi-purpose blade, whisk, beater
  • Wall mount

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