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BWT Flex Filter Head to Best Filters

700 DKK


BWT Filter head is easy to install, use and maintain. The perfect addiction to the BWT Filter Cartridges.

The besthead FLEX filter head fits every BWT water filter cartridge, ensuring perfect flow to the filter and making water optimisation at the point of use even easier, safer and more convenient. The user-friendly handling during venting is the most convenient on the market, while the blend setting with lock function is extremely safe. The FLEX Insert connections with 30° lock are a real blessing for users and operators, enabling connection to the mains water supply and the consumer without the need for tools. An extensive range of accessories for the FLEX Insert and attachment parts in various shapes and sizes allow safe, kink-free lines and optimum economy when space is at a premium in vending machines and under the counter.

The BWT Flex Filter Head is applicable with the Bestmax Premium Filter Cartridges:

BWT Bestmax Premium XL Filter Cartridge BWT Bestmax Premium V Filter Cartridge BWT Bestmax Premium S Filter Cartridge

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