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YBC Fresh beans – Don Senel

120 DKK440 DKK


Don Senel coffee is a lightly roasted coffee suitable for a light expressive espresso or a light expressive fruity and floral filter coffee. Roasted at our own roastery Yellow Bird Coffee at Amager.

Country: Brunca, Costa Rica
Farmer: Don Senel Micromill
Variety: Catuai
Flavour: Brown Sugar, Dark Chocolate, Orange, Juicy
Process: Honey
Roast: Light roasted

This lot of Obata underwent Honey processing at Don Senel Micromill. Freshly harvested cherries are fermented for 30 hours prior to being sorted via floatation. The fermented cherries are then pulped with all of the fruit’s mucilage left intact. The pulped coffee is then dried on raised beds for 18–25 days where it is stirred every two hours to achieve uniform drying. After the coffee reaches 10% humidity it is rested in the mill’s warehouse for a minimum of two months before being milled and packaged for export.

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