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Elektra – Micro Casa Leva Copper/Brass

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Elektra has hand-built traditional espresso machines in Italy since 1947. They are distinguished by producing hand-built traditional equipment of very high quality and a durability that makes an Elektra brew good coffee for many years.

Micro Casa Leva from Elektra also abbreviated MCAL, is an authentic Italian hand-built manual espresso machine. In addition to the character-filled expression and the classic eagle that adorns all their machines, Elektra is known to be able to produce an extraordinary crema on your coffee due to the brewing technique. The manual brewing method means that the handle itself is the pump that presses the water through the coffee. Machines like this were the standard for how to build espresso machines and brew espresso through the 50s and 60s. The handle has a built-in spring so that you push it down to let the brewing water into the chamber and then the spring will effortlessly push the handle up and thus press water through the coffee. In order to adjust the pressure, you must therefore hold the handle slightly on the way up, just as you can run a double shot by halfway on the way up pushing the handle down again to let some more water through the coffee.

In addition to the espresso brewing unit, Micro Casa Leva also has a steamer which, at variable steam pressure, can make the milk texture you want. You are able to brew and steam simultaneously so that the two can be poured immediately and achieve the best possible result.

Micro Casa Leva is available in the chrome, copper/brass and chrome/brass versions.

TIP: For continuous filling, always use for example. spring water or BWT filter jug.

We provide extraordinary 2 year warranty on Elektra espresso machines.
Please note that the warranty is permanently void due to defects caused by limescale.

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