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Fellow – Stagg EKG 0,9L – White

174 EUR


Fellow is well known in the coffee and tea universe because of their products high quality and ease of use, not least their modern and stylish designs. All that is well presented in the Stagg EKG kettle.

Whether you’re are a advanced brewer or just beginning to get into it. The Stagg EKG kettle will for sure be your partner in crime, in the pursuit of a ridiculously good cup of coffee.

The gooseneck sprout and the handle’s great weight distribution, gives you the best and most precise pour-over flow. Variable temperature settings and hold mode, is the stepping stones for a to the degree temperature-control. The kettle is produces in full stainless steel, which provides a quick heat up time.

With that said, you can easily call the Stagg EKG kettle for the perfected Pour-Over kettle.

For you that wants to avoid the Gooseneck Sprout, Fellow have produced the Stagg Corvo kettle.


  • Precise gooseneck spout for optimal pour-over flow
  • To-the-degree temperature control
  • LCD display
  • 60-minute hold mode
  • Brew stopwatch
  • 0.9 L boiling capacity
  • Multiple colors + Wooden handles

The EKG kettle comes i the following colors: Black, White and Stone blue.

If your kettle needs the last personal touch, handles can be bought separately and comes in walnut and maple.


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