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Carl Henkel – CONRAN Tea Pot

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Carl Henkel CONRAN Arrosoir Tea Pot. The design is in the handle. Designer Sebastian Conran developed his Arrosoir with the aim that pouring should be easy and ergonomic from all angles and heights, especially when pouring from the large 1.2 L. jug found in this series. The stainless steel filter lets your tea / infusion brew slowly and naturally. The lid has a silicone seal which allows the filter and lid to stay put when pouring. The handle does not get hot. All parts can go in the dishwasher. the Carl Henkel CONRAN Arrosoir Tea Pot is designed by Sebastian Conran.

Available in sizes 0.75 L. (4-6 cups) and 1.2 L. (8-10 cups) in white porcelain and brushed steel.

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“Soulful Coffee & Tea”

Carl Henkel was founded in 1903 in northern Germany, and in 2010 Carl Henkel GmbH. From the get-go, the principle of sustainability was a cornerstone in the development of brewers for both coffee and tea. Hand-filtered and simple filter systems, sustainable and without waste products such as filter bags. The most important products in the Carl Henkel range were the innovative zero-waste coffee brewers and functional tea pots for brewing loose tea. Carl Henkel wanted to preserve the original taste and individual aromas of coffee and tea. It should be easy and economical to brew sustainably and brew savory coffee or tea in an environmentally friendly way.

Infusion allows you to make your tea exactly as you would like it at any time. What do we mean by that? You can use any quality, quantity or water temperature. Anything is possible as long as you like it. From a fruity cold brew on a hot summer’s day to a strong, dark after-dinner brew. It all depends on how you love your tea at that time of day. Maybe you enjoy tea by adding flavour shots to your hot cup. Maybe some gin to your cold brew – it’s up to you, let your imagination run free.

The invention of SoftBrew

In 2010, the company Carl Henkel took a quantum leap towards sustainability when, in collaboration with renowned designer George Sowden, they developed their first SoftBrew jug. The pitcher brews coffee and tea by infusion. This means zero waste and maximum flexibility. Depending on the tea, you can achieve the taste and aroma you want. Infusion is the most natural way to treat coffee and tea. The first pitcher in production is called Sowden SoftBrew Oskar, and it still ranks in the range as the original SoftBrew.

The purpose of the filter is to keep the tea apart from the water. Thousands of microscopic holes allow the water to flow into the filter. The infusion provides the typical ‘body’ of an excellent brew. No grumble, but still with volume from the fine grains. The method is simple; Place the filter in the porcelain pan, pour tea into the filter and then add warm water. It takes 10 seconds to brew this way – after 4 minutes the infusion is done and the tea is ready!

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