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The World of Coffee

595 DKK

Come learn, experience and grow your coffee know-how!


‘The World of Coffee’ course is an exciting introductory into the world of coffee. You’ll be guided through the history of coffee and how coffee beans travel from farm to cup, the different ways in which coffee beans can be processed and how each type of bean affects flavour. You’ll get a brief introduction to coffee roasting processes and learn about the different roasting temperatures and what they can do to coffee flavour. Last but not least, you’ll get the opportunity to taste different coffees with varying roasting profiles via coffee cupping (just like the professionals).

Come and join us for an insightful evening!


Location: Gammel Kongevej 84, 1850 Frederiksberg

Time: 18:00-20:00

Duration: 2 hours

Participants: 10-15 people

Terms: We reserve the right to cancel a course with fewer than 10 participants. It is possible for you to change the date of your course up to 14 days prior. *Observe: The course is only taught in Danish

Learning Objectives

You’ll learn about the wonderful lifespan involving the world of coffee

  • Coffee bean supply chain structure and raw coffee bean processing
  • Coffee bean flavour pallets and impacting flavour factors
  • Coffee bean roasting processes
  • Coffee cupping and tasting

What You’ll Get

  • Plenty of high quality coffee to feel, smell and taste
  • Detailed information about coffee bean processing from farm to cup
  • An understanding of bean flavours and roasting temperatures
  • An intuitive event from start to finish

Additional information


14/6-2023 kl. 18-20, 11/10-2023 kl. 18-20

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