Alligator  – The World’s Best Chopper

Since 2001 Swedish Alligator has been the leading manufacturer of food preparation choppers. Alligator is a raft of patented Swedish kitchen tools enabling fast, consistent and effortless foodpreparation predominantly known for their famous choppers.

This is a prototype of the priginal Alligator chopper made from wood

Original wooden Alligator chopper prototype

Alligator choppers uniquely enable the user to manage 28 sharp high quality knives at once for chopping, dicing and sticks. This is the safest and fastest way to process food, also allowing your kids to participate and have fun in the kitchen. The knives are sharpened by the very complex etching process for ultimate sharpness and durability.

All choppers come with transparant collectors included, so say goodbye to chili and garlic on your fingers and runny eyes after cutting onions. All parts are dishwasher proof, so even cleaning is piece of cake.

When using Alligator, be mindful to use a firm press to ensure knives fully cut through and use the plastic net for easier cleaning.

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