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About Spinchy


At Spinchy we are experts in gastro gear and we have selected, what we believe is, the finest on the market. We do not compromise on quality or design and all brands has been carefully selected. All brands are specialized, focusing on one thing and do this to perfection!
We have a thorough knowledge of all of our brands and products and are therefore able to offer you unique advice and guidance mixed with great passion for fine gastro gear.

All products spinchy.com is also displayed in our store at Gammel Kongevej 84, Frederiksberg C. Drop by our showroom and experience all models and colors combined with our expertise.

Spinchy.com is e-mærket. E-mærket is the Danish certification scheme which offers e-commerce trust and security between customers and webshops. It’s Denmarks guarantee for a safe and transparent e-commerce. When you shop with us you are in Denmark covered by the e-mærket buyer protection, and you have free access to e-mærkets case handling.

Gammel Kongevej 84
1850 Frederiksberg C
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11-17.30, Sat 11-15
Sunday and holidays: Closed.

Spinchy.com is owned and operated by:
exs nordic a/s (Limited Company)
vat: 28900732
Gammel Kongevej 84, Frederiksberg C
Email: info@exsnordic.com
Phone +45 70 251 152
Established in 2005.