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The coffee scale of the future

“We believe that the future of coffee brewing equipment involves seamless software & hardware integration, quality service and beautiful design.”

Acaia was co-founded in 2013. The first coffee scale in production was Acaia Pearl, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter. The production model of Acaia Pearl was officially launched at SCAA Expo in 2014 and won the award for best new product. Acaia found that the product they were aiming to produce was missing from the coffee industry. Acaias mission was to launch versatile coffee scales that could be used in the quality control of coffee brewing and ultimately help baristas maintain the uniformity of their brewing.


Acaia Lunar Scale

The scales

All Acaia scales are handmade and based on the same technology found in laboratory scales. The scales are made of high quality components. Acaia Pearl has a lighter screen for better contrast, making it easier to read the display while brewing. The scale is extremely fast – it has a response time of 20 ms, which means you can immediately read both flow rate, weight and time. Because of its roots in laboratory technology the Acaia Pearl is incredibly accurate. It can read internal resolution with up to a million counts. The weight allows readability of up to 10/10 g. The scale is incredibly stable. As a barista, you have the option of adjusting zero tracking, and the scale is equipped with compensation technology, which gives you ultimate stability. While brewing you can track flowering, incline and infusion time via a two-way timer that is synchronized with your mobile phone via the Acaia app. The scale comes with rechargeable batteries and USB connectors – a greener source of energy. The scales are equipped with a lithium battery which operates the scales for 20-30 hours per charge.


White Acaia Pearl and App working together

The Acaia app

The Acaia Brewing Print app is a combination of design and integration of technology. It can assist you in visualizing the brewing process and brewing a better coffee. The app also allows you to share your data with others.

The Acaia coffee app helps you to easily register your coffee lifestyle. You can create a brew print, take a picture of your coffee or create a note about the coffee bean for later evaluation. The Acaia coffee scale connects to the app. It collects the important coffee brewing data such as coffee bean and water weight, calculates the ratio and allows you to log coffee brewing data into the app.

The app helps to provide you with the most accurate information about the coffee brewing variables. The Ratio Converter instantly calculates the bean-water ratio and creates a chart showing time and water. This diagram visualizes how the brewing process has progressed. You can accurately control flowering time, infusion time and stability of the pouring process. You can then save your favorite brews and data in Coffee Note & Bean Stash Manager. Here you can record the brewing process for later reference. You can also store and synchronize all your necessary coffee brewing data. This includes the name and variety of the coffee bean, water and coffee ratio, as well as the speed and timing of the pouring process.

With the app you also become part of the best online coffee community. with Print Sharing you can evaluate your data and visualize your pour over coffee brewing process and share your brew data.

Other features of the app include:

Remote screen and timer: Visualized remote weight display, adjust your coffee brewing hours according to your brewing process
Advanced weight settings: Auto-off time, disable weight buttons, switch units, etc.
Bluetooth connection: Stay connected to your weight constantly with Bluetooth 4.0

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