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Anfim K2 – Coffee grinders for Milan’s baristas

Anfim K2 coffee grinder is hand built in Milan under the motto “Nel cuore di un boun caffè” – which translates to “In the heart of good coffee”. Anfim’s machines are very user friendly. They produce their coffee grinders in the center of Milan, where Italy’s coffee culture is at the forefront. Anfim is inspired by Milan’s cafés and passionate baristas when devising new machines. Conceived with the personal style of the barista in mind, they can easily be adapted to the specific needs of the user.

The characteristics of Kf2

For the consumer, Anfim is best known for the grinder K2, which is a reliable and compact chrome grinder that is well suited as a filter grinder. It is high enough to place a plunger jug ​​under the outlet tube, making the coffee brew even easier. Some of the K2’s best features are its very powerful but quiet engine, its reliability (here you really get value for money) and its ability to switch between grinding degrees, simply by turning a button so you can switch between espresso, filter and piston grinding. The freshly ground coffee is ground directly in the espresso handle, filter funnel or piston jug.

Anfim K2

Anfim K2 coffee grinder is a heavy machine that stands firmly on the table. The machine is a “Grind On Demand” without a chamber. The grinder has flat knives with a diameter of 50 mm, which grind the coffee completely fresh every time. In addition, it consistently works with a much finer thread. It’s about. 30% more grooves per inch above average. This means that you can set the milling very precisely, thus promoting the taste in the coffee you like best.

K2 is a beginner’s mill that provides good value for money. This grinder addresses the home barista for whom space is in short supply.


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