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Comandante Coffee Grinder

Luxurious manual coffee grinder 

Grind your coffee with precision regardless of brewing method with Comandante, a robust high-speed coffee grinder with an advanced knife-set design. The sculptural, manual grinders are designed by and made for specialty coffee experts and connoisseurs. The German quality crafts are made from the finest materials. The fine-tuned geometry and texture of the Nitro Blade burrs gives incredible grinding performance. Making the burrs is a serious engineering job that requires specialized tools and machines, excellent craftsmanship and lots of experience. The blades are made of stainless steel and are very durable. The grinder provides an optimal particle distribution when grinding fresh specialty coffee such as arabica beans.

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Comandante grinder

Comandante C40 Mk4

Comandante’s iconic C40 model has been updated to the C40 Mk4 version, available in multiple color-variants: Black, American Cherry, Cobolt, Grün and Burgundy. Thanks to some smart material science, reworked internals and an unbreakable polymer-glass Bean Jar, the Comandante C40 Mk4 offers improved workflow, weight, and durability. Every C40 Mk4 comes with one brown glass Bean Jar and one clear polymer-glass Bean Jar. Both are easy to clean and hold around 40g of roasted coffee beans. The Comandante coffee grinder weighs 600 grams. The transparent lid and base container shows what is left and what has been grinded. Comandante has click-based fineness adjustment which allows the user to repeat the exact same setting again and again.

The C40 Mk4 is designed to be set very precisely, so you can grind coffee by brewing method. Although the perfect setting varies from coffee to coffee, here are some starting points:

5-10 clicks to Ibrik.
10-15 clicks to Espresso.
15-20 clicks on a coffee pot with Bialetti or stove.
22–32 Click for filter coffee (depending on dose and machine).
25-30 clicks to Cupping and French Press.
30-35 clicks for a Carlsbad coffee machine.
Aeropress – depends on your recipe.

There is also a selection of accessories that you can shop here.

The Comandante Grind and Brew World Championship

Since 2016, Comandante has held an annual Grind and Brew World Championship, and the competition takes place in several parts of the world each year. Coffee enthusiasts and baristas meet and battle with Comandante in hand to win the best cup of coffee of the year. Comandante encourages everyone to join Grind and Brew.

Winner of the first Australian Comandante Grind & Brew Cup 2019 (Ona, Sydney)

What does coffee mean to you?comandante winner-sydney-2019
I fell in love with coffee when I first tasted it. Now it helps me understand and connect myself with communities and people in Australia. I guess it will help me connect with more people and understand the world better in the future.

What do you love about the Comandante grinder?
Comandante gives me the most wonderful experience in grinding coffee beans. You will notice this yourself when you try a Comandante grinder. The only complaint about the grinder I can think of is that after you buy a Comandante grinder you will want to get rid of your electric grinder.

What do you love about making coffee?
Coffee beans are one of the most magical things in the world. Exploring all the magic behind coffee is the motivation for me.

What are your goals in the future?
To become a world champion in brewing. Hopefully Comandante will make a customized grinder for me when I reach my goal.

What is your advice for future Grind and Brew participants?
Of course, the most important advice is to go out and grab a Comandante grinder right now. Get to know the grinder, get to know the coffee beans.
Last but not least: no pressure – enjoy the competition with your small but powerful grinder.

Read more about Comandante and Grind and Brew Championships here