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Effective cleaning

The Australian company Cafetto specializes in green cleaning and sanitary products for espresso machines, coffee makers, coffee grinders and beverage dispensing equipment. Their goal is to provide efficient cleaning systems for businesses and individuals alike. Their philosophy is green – that’s why many of Cafetto’s detergents are not harmful to the environment or you. Cafetto makes a virtue of sustainability in every respect – therefore the production of their products is also sustainable. Minimal environmental footprints, pollution prevention and recycling are all cornerstones in the production of Cafetto’s detergents.

Cafetto is an innovative company. In 2017, they launched the first organic, eco-friendly capsule for Nespresso machines. The biodegradable capsule takes with you all the remnants of coffee oils and ensures that your coffee experience is always optimal. With Cafetto, you do not have to worry about chemicals in the coffee after cleaning the machine.

Cafetto Cleaning capsules

Improve the life-span of your machines

Cafetto’s range accommodates a wide variety of coffee makers. However you brew your coffee, Cafetto has a product that ensures the best taste and aroma every time. Cafetto’s products also help your machine’s life-span. When you keep your machines clean, they perform better for longer. The range includes among others: Cafetto EVO for espresso machines, Grinder Clean for coffee grinders, Eco Capsule Clean for capsule machines, Organic Descaler for descaling virtually all machines, Spray and Wipe Cleaner for surfaces, to name a few.

Cafetto cleaning products have been awarded certificates for environment, food safety and quality. These certifications ensure that Cafetto meets or exceeds global standards, so you can always trust the hygiene and safety of all Cafetto products.

Cafetto is registered in OMRI ™, ACO and NSF®. This means that their products meet the requirements of the National Organic Program, are approved for use in ecological systems, and have passed NSF’s stringent toxicology and corrosivity standards. The ingredients and formulation of NSF certified products are safe, leave no harmful residue and do not cause corrosion in the coffee maker. Cafetto was the official cleaning partners and sponsors of the World Championship Latte Art for a number of years. Cafetto is recognized worldwide for their products.

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