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Ceramic for coffee connoisseurs

Loveramics pottery is an internationally recognized brand that has become synonymous with good craftsmanship and quality, and is used by professionals and individuals around the world. Loveramics combines old traditions with new design in their production of ceramics. The design considers how the ceramics come into play with the coffee experience. Loveramics opened their first flagship store in Hong Kong in 2011, and in their short lifespan has already expanded to the rest of the world.

Loveramics cups are made of high-quality porcelain, which, through firing at 1300 ° C, achieves a hardness that allows it to be dropped on the floor without accident. Loveramics have made the sides of the cups thick so that the coffee more easily retains its temperature, giving them a slope to help your latte species on its way. Loveramics cups have been official competition cups in the Latte Art World Cups since 2015.

Egg Series

The Egg Series is the official competition cup of the Latte Art World Cups. The largest cup holds 300 ml. And has a surface perfect for latte species. The series also contains a cup for cappuchino respectively. 200 and 250 ml., A flat white cup of 150 ml. and an 80 ml espresso cup. All cups are available with associated saucers.

The Egg range is available in a multitude of colors and finishes. You can see our selection here.

Loveramics Egg cappuchino 250 ml

Loveramics Egg cups in standard colours

Ten Loveramic cups in potter's choice colours

Loveramic cups in Potter’s Choice colours


Brewers series

The Brewers series is made with the coffee bean in mind. 3 cups of 150 ml, each expressing a specific element in the brewing process. A specialty pitcher is also included in the series. Each cup is made by hand from porcelain and finished with authentic ceramic-studio glaze. The cup can also withstand dishwasher and microwave.

The first variation is called Nutty, and holds on to the aroma, due to its droplet shape. The cup complements aromas like chocolate and caramel, as well as coffee from Brazil and Bolivia, which has a more earthy scent.

The other variation is called Sweet, and, with its cylinder shape, is a good match for coffee from Costa Rica and El Salvador, which has a more rounded taste.

The third variation is called Floral. The cup has an open design that allows the coffee flower notes to stand out. The cup fits well with coffee from Ethiopia and Kenya.

Loveramics Brewers series

The three cups are available in white, granite and basalt.

Roaster Series

The Roaster series from Loveramics is made for the purpose of ‘cupping’ your coffee – ie. to taste different notes in the coffee, depending on the temperature. The roaster cups allow you to control the cupping process as the glaze changes color from black to white by temperature. The cup slowly turns white as you pour 95c of water. When it turns light gray it has passed 70c (after 4 minutes), you can now begin cupping. When dark gray, it has passed 60c (after 8mins). The cup becomes completely dark as it passes 55c (after 10 minutes).

For coffee connoisseurs and roasters, the roaster range is a great tool when identifying flavor notes. The cups contain respectively. 200 ml. in the modern version and 220 ml. in the classic edition.


Loveramics Roaster Classic kop

Loveramics Roaster Classic cup


Nomad Series

Loveramics – Nomad to-go gives you the opportunity to take your barista coffee with you. Nomad to-go is made with double wall, which helps to keep warm. The cup has all the same features as Loveramic’s official competition cups from the Latte Art World Cups. The cup’s interior curve oxidizes the coffee for a fuller flavor and aroma, helping to preserve the cream of the coffee.


Loveramics Nomad

Loveramics Nomad

When you buy a Nomad to-go cup, you invest not only in the best coffee experience, but also in the environment. Loveramics has produced their Nomad to-go cup in super strong and durable glass encased porcelain and borosilicate glass (high performance laboratory glass). These natural materials are the only ones that have a low environmental impact. And as long as you have a to-go cup, you do not need to use disposable cups, which can also affect the taste of the coffee – thus helping both the environment and your coffee!

The Nomad Cup is available in both the original Loveramics colors, in Potters Colors and in borosilicate glass.

Dale Harris Signature Cup

Made in collaboration with the 2017 Barista World Cup winner, Dale Harris. Designed by ceramist Ben Sutton.

The cup is designed to complement Dale Harris’ specific coffee recipes. Made with Loveramic super durable porcelain. The cup is designed with double walls and an inner curve to help your latte art. The special curve oxidizes the coffee. It contributes to a full taste and aroma, and helps preserve the crĂ©ma of the coffee.

Loveramics – Dale Harris Signature cup is available in 3 different sizes; 80 ml., 150 ml. and 200 ml. and in 3 colors; green, blue and white.


Dale Harris signatur kop

Dale Harris Signature Cup


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