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EUREKA ORO – Stark – Matt Black

6.669 SEK


For the home barista looking for professional performance both in terms of speed and consistency of the dose.

The new EUREKA Stark –  from the EUREKA ORO series ensures premium grinding quality thanks to patented Pure Diamond burrs preserving optimal burr sharpness for a longer period, and ensuring steady granulometry over time.

Without sacrificing the ultra compact dimensions of the Mignon line the EUREKA ORO – Stark offers unprecedented performance with an upgraded motor that is combined with 65 mm pure diamond burrs – Perfect for professional performances (3 g/s) even at home.

The ELR System (Ekstreme Low Retention) has been developed using dedicated technical solutions and enquires very low retention in the grinding chamber offering unique consistency (approximately ± 0,2 g).

Thanks to the “Silent Technology” the EUREKA ORO – Stark provides a unique grinding silence (about 60 dB), meanwhile the “High Speed” maintenance is handy and easy to use without losing the grinding setting.

Stepless micrometric regulation offers infinite grind control provided by the Eureka patented system, with larger knob and vertical measurement scale for a greater ease of use.

All-purpose rubber coated forks for  “Hands-Free” operations are suitable for any kind of Portafilter due to the special geometry and adjustable support.

All maintenance operations are user friendly and faster than ever (thanks to the easy acces to the grinding chamber by removing only 4 screws) guaranteeing grinding settings remain unchanged at the end of each activity on the burrs (for both cleaning and replacing), thanks to the patented micrometric adjustment system.

The EUREKA Stark grinder is available in 3 colorways: Matt Black, Chrome and White.

You should also check out the XL-grinders from the EUREKA ORO Series, available in 4 different versions; chrome, matt black, white and red

EUREKA is a leading Italian company in the design and manufacture of modern and elegant coffee grinders and has been in existence since 1920. All grinders are hand-built at EUREKAS factory in Florence.

Additional information


Dimensions (LxHxW)

128x186x380 mm


320 Watt




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