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Rocket Espresso – Appartamento Copper

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This is an espressomachine created for environments where space is a premium. Although it is compact, performance is pinnacle to the full extent of what you should expect from a Rocket Espresso product.

The Appartamento allow simultaneous brewing and steaming and has capacity enough for several consecutive servings. For Americano or tea drinkers, there’s also a tap for boiling water.

The sides of the Appartamento is made with steel with kobber dots. The cup rail is made in plastic.
You can separately buy a metallic cuprail.

If you are looking for a different finish, we do offer the following designs; Steel/kobber, Black/White, Black/Kobber, and Steel/white.

Give your Rocket Espresso machine an elegant facelift with our Customization kit, compatible with almost every rocket machine on the market, quick and easy to apply.

Are you looking for another way to style your Appartamento? Have a look at our sidepanel kit.

TIP: Always use spring water or other non-calcite water to prevent calcification.

Ps: We sell Bwt-filterjugs that allows you to use tapwater. We do recommend a double filtration if you live in an area known for it’s hard water supply.

REMEMBER! All electrical kitchen appliances must be connected to ground. The machine comes with EU ground plug, so an adapter is needed.

You can read more about Rocket Espresso here.

We provide extraordinary 2 year warranty on Rocket espresso machines.
Note that warranty void permanently in case of limescale related faults.

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Dimensions (LxHxW)

425 x 360 x 274




Water supply

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