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Rocket Espresso – Giotto Cronometro V

15.500 DKK


The Rocket Espresso Giotto Cronometro V machine introduce users to tastefull espressos at home without compromise. It is a high end machine handmade with the best materials at Rockets factory in Milan. The Giotto model is a classic and well known design in the espresso world.

Giotto Cronometro V (vibration pump) has heat exchanger PID-temperature control technology drawing on 4 different signal parameters to ensure maximum temperature stability. All Cronometro models is installed with a digital shot timer allowing the user to control the extraction time with great precision. You’ll find it slightly above the left manometer.

It has two manometers (white) for boiler and pump pressure reading. With a 1.8 liter copper boiler, you are able to brew and steam simultaneously, without loss of pressure. The Cronometro series has height adjustable feet and is offered in two different body styles; Giotto and Mozzafiato. Both models are available with a rotary pump too.

The Mozzafiatio is build in 3 different designs; Black, White and Steel.

Give your Rocket Espresso machine an elegant facelift with our Customization kit, compatible with almost every Rocket machine on the market. We will gladly help you equip the Customization kit if needed.

TIP: Always use spring water or other non-calcite water to prevent calcification. We sell Bwt-filterjugs that allows you to use tapwater, but recommend a double filtration, if you live in an area known for it’s hard water supply.

We provide extraordinary 2 year warranty on Rocket espresso machines.
Warranty void permanently in case of limescale related faults.

You can read more about Rocket Espresso here.

Additional information







Water supply

Pour in






Dimensions (LxHxW)

425 x 400 x 280


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