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Rocket Espresso – R NINE ONE

43.000 DKK

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The R NINE ONE was developed by Rocket Espresso to bring the very best of their commercial machine development programme into a machine capable of outstanding results. Designed for use in a small commercial application or home environment.

It has thermal stability through the Rocket Espresso fully saturated group system, coupled with digital PID temperature control.

Pre and Post infusion is controlled through a full pressure profiling system, using the 5 preset programmes or via manual control through the Rocket Espresso paddle system.

It has both direct water connection or built in water reservoir. The R NINE ONE is an espresso machine designed to deliver spectacular results in the cup, through both stability and flexibility of control parameters.


  • 5 pump pressure profiles + 1 semi automatic profile (To be set operating the group’s paddle)
  • Graphic colour touch display
  • Permanent magnets volumetric pump for absolutely precise and silent operation
  • Bodywork all stainless steel (special order: rubber finishing white or black rear and side panels)
  • Boilers all AISI 316L stainless steel made
  • Brew boiler + saturated group assembly: 1.9 litre – 1200 W
  • Service boiler: 3.6 litre – 1400 W
  • Max. power consumption of machine: 1600 W

TIP: For pour in always use spring water or other non-calcite water to prevent scale build. If utilising the fixed water supply option, use a licensed plumber who is experienced in connecting espresso equipment. With new piping always flush a minimum of 50 liters of water in order to remove metal shavings and connect an approved scale filter.

Warranty void permanently in case of limescale related faults.

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Weight 47,4 kg
Dimensions 41 × 50,5 × 43 cm

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