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Stone Espresso – Lite Premium

1.139 EUR


Newest arrival from Stone Espresso introducing the LITE models.

Stone Espresso has a unique design that uses professional technology to offer a compact espresso machine at home. Stone gives you an espresso machine with optimal temperature stability and fantastic results in the cup. With a Stone you can enjoy every shade of your espresso without compromising on appearance or quality, even at a fair price.

A lightweight plastic tamper, one double sprout portafilter, with a single-, double- and blindfilter included in the accessory box.


  • Quick warm up in just 10 minutes.
  • Innovative shapes made from high quality materials.
  • A wide range of color combinations.
  • Heat exchange 1.7 L Boiler with 1000W heater.
  • 0.8 L steam chamber.
  • Detachable (1.2L) water tank.

Stone Lite models comes in 3 versions: 

Lite Premium
Lite White
Lite Black

Check out the Stone Machines with tiles here.
Mine Black
Mine Green
Pure Grey
Plus Black
Mine Premium Satin
Mine Premium Wood

Additional information

Weight 20,5 kg
Dimensions 44,0 × 22,5 × 35,5 cm
Single Boiler Capacity

1.7 L


Wattage 220-240 V -50/60 Hz


1000 W

Heating System

200 W

Steam Chamber

0.8 L

Removable Water Tank

1.2 L


Stainless Steel




440x225x355 mm.