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Stone Espresso – Mine Black

1.326 EUR


Stone Espresso has a unique design that uses professional technology to offer a compact espresso machine at home. Stone gives you an espresso machine with optimal temperature stability and fantastic results in the cup. With a Stone you can enjoy every shade of your espresso without compromising on appearance or quality, even at a fair price. The machine heats up quickly and it is possible to design your own variant. A lightweight aluminium tamper, single- and doublesshot portafilter is included in the accessory box.


  • Quick ignition in just 10 minutes
  • Innovative shapes made from high quality materials
  • A wide range of color combinations
  • Single 1.7 L Boiler with 1000W heater
  • 0.8 L steam chamber
  • Detachable (1.2L) water tank
  • Stainless steel panels and fully adapted side elements in aluminum

Comes in 6 color version:
Mine Black
Mine Green
Pure Grey
Plus Black
Miner Premium Satin
Miner Premium Wood

Additional information

Weight 20,5 kg
Dimensions 44,0 × 22,5 × 35,5 cm
Single Boiler Capacity

1.7 L


Wattage 220-240 V -50/60 Hz


1000 W

Heating System

200 W

Steam Chamber

0.8 L

Removable Water Tank

1.2 L


Stainless Steel


440x225x355 mm.