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Experience the LINEA MICRA live at our store.

La Marzococo's classic compressed for the home kitchen. Handcrafted at La Marzocco's factory near Florence.

Inspired by the well-known Linea Mini, LA Marzocco now presents Linea MICRA with double boiler and an integrated brew group. This allows the machine to achieve temperature stability and energy efficiency as a saturated brew group, just in a significantly reduced footprint. If you want to minimize the used table space, without compromising the high standards La Marzocco is known for - Then LINEA MICRA is exactly what you are looking for.

Linea MICRA is handcrafted with the same design and components used in the Linea Mini machines. The boilers are built in stainless steel, and the large boiler capacity of 1.6 liters makes it superior even in pressured situations. As a bonus, you achieve a brewing-ready temperature after 5 minutes of heating, due to the compact size, and the new design of Portafilter.

Linea MICRA is built with a rotary pump and is equipped with built-in pre-infusion. Which makes the brewing of the coffee sublime. With its enormous temperature stability, flawless performance, and easy operation, you will undoubtedly achieve new heights in your espresso brewing. The user can also easily adjust the brewing temperature with an app that easily connects via Wi-Fi. In the app, you also have access to shot timer, shot counter, calendar, and much more. In addition, you can enjoy an illuminated drip tray area for better visibility in dim surroundings.

Our Linea MICRA all come with insulated Pro-Touch Steam Arm, which makes milk frothing a pleasure.

Linea MICRA is available in 9 different designs: Steel, White, Black, Red, Yellow, Blue and Silver.

Take a closer look at our Portafilter, Distribution tool and much more, all produced by La Marzocco.

NOTE: For a fixed water supply, a separate Plumb in installation kit must be purchased.

TIP: For ongoing refilling, always use low-calcium water such as spring water, alternatively, you can use a BWT filtration jug. For fixed water connection, use an authorized plumber experienced in connecting espresso equipment. When installing new piping, always flush a minimum of 50 liters of water to remove metal shavings and always connect an approved lime filter.

We provide an extraordinary 2-year warranty on La Marzocco espresso machines.

Note that the warranty is permanently voided in case of defects caused by lime.

  • Varenummer: 23.121/F12
  • Mål: 34,5x29,5x39,5 cm
  • Effekt: Min. 110V Maks. 220V
  • Vægt: 20kg
  • Vandtilførsel":en: Pour in or fixed
  • da: Påfyldning eller fast,"Pumpe
  • Kedel: Steam boiler 1,6L - Coffee Boiler 0,25L


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