Nomad To-Go Cup

Loveramics Nomad to-go cup: Double-walled, environmentally friendly, and available in 10 colors. Made of vitrified porcelain and borosilicate glass. Official competition cups in Latte Art World Cups since 2015. Read more

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Loveramics - Nomad to-go cup gives you the opportunity to take your barista coffee with you.

The Nomad to-go is double-walled, which helps maintain the optimal temperature. The cup has all the same features as Loveramics official World Latte Art Championship cups. The cup's interior curve oxidizes the coffee for a full flavor and aroma, and preserves the créma.

When you buy a Nomad to-go cup, you invest not only in the best coffee experience, but also in the environment. Loveramics has produced their Nomad to-go cup in super strong, vitrified porcelain and borosilicate glass (high performance laboratory glass). These natural materials are the only ones that have a low environmental impact. And as long as you have a to-go cup, you do not need to use disposable cups, which can also affect the flavour of the coffee. Thus helping both the environment and your coffee!

The Loveramics Nomad to-go cup comes in 10 different Potters Colors:

  • Ivory
  • Gunpowder
  • Caramel
  • Night Sky
  • Berry
  • Rose
  • Butter Cup
  • Basil
  • Ice Blue
  • Granite

See the Loveramics Nomad to-go in Classic Glaze and Borosilicate Glass.

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Ceramic for Coffee Connoisseurs

Loveramics is an internationally recognized brand that has become synonymous with good craftsmanship and quality and is used by professionals and individuals around the world. Loveramics combines old traditions with new design in their production of ceramics. The design considers how the ceramics come into play with the coffee experience. Loveramics opened their first flagship store in Hong Kong in 2011, and in their short lifespan has already expanded to the rest of the world.

Loveramics cups are made of high-quality porcelain, which, through firing at 1300 ° C, achieves a hardness that allows it to be dropped on the floor without accident. Loveramics have made the sides of the cups thick so that the coffee more easily retains its temperature, giving them a slope to help your latte species on its way. Loveramics cups have been official competition cups in the Latte Art World Cups since 2015.

Read more about Loveramic's story here.

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