Did you know that Hario means "The King of Glass"?

Hario is a prominent Japanese coffee brand especially known for their V60 coffee brewer and kettles with very precise spouts, making it even easier to brew pour-over coffee.

The brand has won international recognition for its aesthetic design and technical expertise in coffee equipment. Hario's product range includes glass filters, pour-over carafes, coffee grinders, and water kettles, all designed to give users maximum control over the brewing process.

The distinctive glass design of Hario products not only emphasizes elegance but also allows you to monitor the brewing process from the outside. The brand's V60 dripper and servers are particularly beloved by enthusiasts for their accuracy and ability to enhance the unique flavor notes of the coffee.

Hario has managed to maintain a fine balance between tradition and innovation, and their products appeal to both experienced baristas and home brewers. The brand remains a key player in the coffee industry and continues to inspire dedicated coffee lovers worldwide with their quality products and commitment to the art of hand brewing.