Witt A/S sells and develops unique, innovative, and sought-after brands and products for a large part of Europe. Witt A/S sells products across all price segments and is an industry leader in developing innovative products with high specifications.

Witt A/S was founded in 1993 when 'the man behind' decided to use his surname as the company name and that an extra room in his home would function as a sales office from then on.
The company started by selling appliances in Denmark but has over time evolved to distribute and deal in products across a wide range of categories from around the world.

The products are still sold to the largest appliance and kitchen stores but are no longer limited to Denmark alone. Over time, distribution has expanded to include all of Scandinavia, England, Ireland, and from 2020 also the Benelux countries. Witt has over 139 enthusiastic and skilled employees who deliver and service our customers at a high level.
At Spinchy, we sell Witt's products in the coffee brewing category.